Help Center

  • Do you help me transfer my site?

    Yes! The I-Tul team will take care of the on-boarding process. You just need to give us the logins (we can help you know what to look for) and we can take it from there. Once everything is moved over, you will get the logins to your new hosting control panel and domain names.

  • Can I leave my domain names where they are?

    Yes! You are not required to move your domain names to I-Tul. Having everything with one vendor can help reduce problems and give you central control through our online portal.

  • My Site is not on WordPress, can you support it?

    Our service plans are for sites on the WordPress platform. We can migrate sites from Joomla & Drupal to WordPress or build you a new site on WordPress. If you want to talk about the options, just let us know.

  • I have multiple sites, how does that work?

    You can add multiple sites and share your monthly support hours across them all. Each site can have the hosting & email options tailored to its needs.

  • I sometimes need week-end or after hours support, Do you do that?

    Email & Hosting Support is available 24x7. Our standard development support hours are 9 x 5 Monday through Friday. If you have a special project, talk to us and we will make special arrangements if we can.

  • Do you do bigger projects?

    Yes! We can help do larger development projects. If a project requires more time, the team will send an estimate for your approval, so there are never any surprises. For much larger projects, like a new line of business application, we have dedicated development team services.

  • Where are your servers?

    Our hosting environment is an SAS70 secure data center in Northern California. We own and self-manage all of our servers. Managing our own environment lets us create the systems and platforms needed by our clients.